Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BEWARE...Windmills Can Kill You!


...Yes, wind power causes illness. 


Several years ago I was faced with my own mortality; of course I am happy that I came through my illness in reasonably good condition. Had I the misfortune of not surviving my procedure, I would not have been on earth to hear the most ridiculous news story ever. I would like to thank the Ontario Wind Resistance Group, for showing me that I had not seen everything yet.

I certainly cannot be classified as an environmentalist, but, I am a realist. And as a realist, I think it is indisputable that coal burning, oil burning, nuclear, power generation have risks, and a significant negative effect on the environment. And I can respect a community having reservations of being displaced as a result of a hydro-electric project. But for God’s sake… people demanding a stop to wind power generation.

What is concern of these misguided protesters? Apparently wind power causes illness. Yes, wind power causes illness. Ridiculous!

I expect hurdles to develop wind energy would be the financial viability, the fact that it costs more to generate a kilowatt of electricity versus a coal powered station or power companies with limited capital to construct wind farms. But I stand optimistic that this non-greenhouse gas, renewable, environmental zero impact source of electricity will overcome the hurdles and become a significant source to meet our energy needs.

I would never expect that one of the hurdles would be a group of placard carrying wing-nuts would demand (and may achieve) a moratorium on Wind Farm development, because they claim it causes illnesses. My questioning (Time to wade into Fracking) of the platform of Anti-Hydrofracking pales in comparison to this group of protesters.

A close second in regard to this disappointment in our Canadian citizens, is the disappointment in our Canadian Government – Heath Canada specifically. Health Canada has been sucked into allocating $1.8 million dollars to study if a windmill makes you sick. $1.8million might be nice to see to be allocated in supporting private sector invest in Wind Power.

So the way this whole situation is tracking.. we are beginning to find a good environmentally healthy source of electricity, a group of crazies come out of the woodwork claiming that wind power is bad for our health, a moratorium on future developments is very possible, Health Canada is going to spend a couple of million dollars, a report will be eventually (maybe) made public, the protesters will not accept the obvious outcome of the report, and future wind development will be faced with this resistance. 

Are the Dutch chronically ill?? Seems they have a bit of history with windmills.  

A potential death trap ! LOL

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