Monday, February 24, 2014

Da Soapbox V2.0

So, the social experiment has come to an end. And I am still sitting on the fence if it was a success or a failure. I confess I spend too much time on Facebook, and more and more, it has become a place to vent frustrations and rantings. So what better than to create a site that is designed to do that, to bring together throngs of pissers and moaners to rant together.

I was thrilled to see the exponential growth in visitor numbers as well as loyal readership from all over the world. My ad hits were profitable and life was good. But then a trend became apparent - people were reading but very few were participating. I was and still am puzzled. Thousands dropped in to view, but were mute. In my opinion, the breadth of topics was surly enough to get folks blood boiling and have them wade in on the comments. But no.

So what does this say about my social experiment. I think I created one of the first "virtual" instances of voyeurs at a Car Crash. On-Line RUBBER NECKERS as it were.

So I am not disappointed, as I did have opportunity to build my readership, and make a few bucks, and have a full wardrobe of Soap-Box T-Shirts.. which may increase in value due to them now being a collectors item.

Am I going away? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Just because my readers choose to stay tight lipped on what pissed them off, I still have lots and lots to say. And maybe, just maybe - some of my topics may spur some debate yet. As I really enjoy opinions counter to mine, or ideas that have not yet crossed my mind. I hope you continue to visit, add your $0.02 worth and I will still post any images, video, or items that interest you.