Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Coming SOOOOOOON.........

A clue to what's coming......
So what's happening to darryls-soabox?? Well this is a surprise, and expect to see big changes with an announcement very soon.. pretty well everything is in place, just waiting on a manufacturer for the prizes and swag.

JUST IN!!! - To interrupt this article, I have added this ORIGINAL audio clip. This voice-mail came into my main line (after hours). My office 800 number was frequently misdialed and we would receive calls that should have been to a government agency in Florida. The office Administrator, Jenn C, was brilliant to take the time to record this.. and now here it is on the internet..

So what can you do to get ready for the big day??..

Firstly, "Join this site" (hit the join box to the left of the page).. all who join will be entered in a draw for a unique gift with the stellar value of nearly $30. No scam on this, no gotchas, just lists you as a member of this site.. does not link to porn or websites for discount Viagra.

Secondly, send ORIGINAL pictures of things that are uniquely interesting, or funny or even better - things that PISS YOU OFF.. when you send these in, write a brief description of the photo.. the best ones will be selected and featured on the new Soapbox. Email pix to

Another Hint of what's to come

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