Thursday, October 31, 2013

IT'S HERE!!!!!
With over 10,000 visits and 50+ posts, I have done my part, I have been irked, frustrated, informative, disgusted, insightful, artsy - and now am finally happy and unburdened- I have said what I want to say. So now it is your turn. I have seen on Facebook, there are a lot of frustrated folks out there with things to bitch about - but only their friends know.. Now, bitch to the world.. with an exponentially growing number of readers to the soapbox, share your bitches here, or comment on someone else's bellyaching. A free for all of complaining.. what more could you ask for??

Most of you do not have the need or desire to set up your own blog, and try to get folks to give a shit.. I have done it for you. Click a link and start typing.. toooooo easy!


Yep, we got swag!!!! - starting off with T-Shirts and will be growing to other swag. Want FREE swag? Keep visiting for future contests.. Octobers winner is a loyal reader of the Soap Box - Sterling Keays - Congrats Sterling!

Buy your darryls-soapbox t-shirt HERE. Or if you are in the Fredericton area, email and I will get one to you straight away - only $29.00 will get you a VERY original and unique shirt, that also will come with instructions on how your new shirt can get you featured on the soapbox.
*******UPDATE: We are almost sold out of Medium Size, so if you are a medium order soon. 

RULES?? Not many..
  • Lets try to keep it clean, at present, I do not moderate (preview and approve posts), and I don't want to.
  • We are all here to vent, compare and add insight to your and others bitches - lets respect others
  • Topics can be anything that piss you off
  • ORIGINAL pictures/videos are great, and I will post anything you send - if you provide a good reason. Email them, along with a description to

Email me with any questions/comments/what you would like to see on darryls-soabox. And remember, I want ORIGINAL funny, bitchy, unusual photos or videos to get posted here.

(that means click here to get bitchin if you are confused)

*** now accepting nominations for 
November's IDIOT OF THE MONTH*** 

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