Thursday, December 15, 2011

MOVE!!.. Just move....

“Now, to consider something with identical principles, but much less politically correct"

You made your bed and now you have to sleep in it. How about if we apply some real world situations to this and see if it is as much of an agreed with adage. So, let’s try, you chose to purchase your home and now you have to deal with traffic noise. You live outside the city limits to pay fewer taxes, but you need to pay through the nose for access to city recreational services. You chose to live in desolation in the cold north, and you won’t have a maintainable industry to pay your bills. Much less palatable sounding I expect.

For my readers in Russia, Germany and even the US, you may not be privy to these more localized events. But I am sure that you will see similarities in your own area.

It was only months ago that a city project that (typically) ran over budget to a total cost of 2.3 Million dollars was completed. A drop in the taxpayers bucket I suppose. But the reason for this expenditure was to build a wall, a soundproof barrier, so a handful of residence did not have to hear traffic noise from a highway in the vicinity. I should not have to spoon-feed my readers as to why this is a head shaking embarrassment to the city. That is obvious. To stay focused to my making bed and sleeping in it... I am pretty sure, that anyone purchasing a home, or living in a home, was fully aware of a highway and related noise. I am sure that all open houses, and viewings, and closings were not done at 4:00am when there was not traffic. And for those already living in this area displeased with the noise.. I am equally as confident that there are no laws, no regulations, no bars on the windows, prohibiting them from looking for a home, in the serenity of the country, and moving. CHOICES... last I checked, in Canada, we have the freedom to live, do, and say whatever we so desire.  It does not seem to settle well in my stomach to see that 2.3 million dollars was paid, because a small handful of homeowners made the wrong choice; even worse, feel that the taxpayers are responsible for their happiness and serenity.

That was an easy one, and aside from the handful of home owners who have the tax payers paying for their poor decisions. I am pretty sure my email won’t be filled with complaints on my opinions.

Yet another, in your face, obvious case is that of the bedroom communities, in our city. Throngs of families build, buy homes outside of the city limits, and are pleased to offer up comparisons of their lower tax rates, expansive properties, low cost property purchases, and quality of life. I applaud them for making this sort of decision. All within driving distance to the amenities of a large city without the associated costs. A very good decision I say!

But what seems to be a shock, and outrage, is when they come to find out that the city tax system subsidised services such as Skating rinks, and swimming pools are not subsidized for them. How dare the city tax base, not spend their money keeping the costs down for their use as well. Shame on us, we should gleefully listen to their wise decision to pay less taxes, and understand that they have the same “rights” to our city subsidized services.

Now, to consider something with identical principles, but much less politically correct. A community, who have made the choice to live in a isolated region with no industry, no income, no services, and a hostile climate environment,. A choice they have made. Not necessarily a choice to move to this difficult environment, but a choice to remain in this environment. 

Although distasteful to some I am sure, culture and tradition at some point have to go out the window when it comes to survival and to stop a slow painful death from malnutrition, exposure and illness. The media attention, the genuine kindness of private industry, and government support is newsworthy and a good news story. It is warming to see the generosity of our communities and citizens coming to the aid of this group.

I am not naive to suggest a solution is an easy one.. But I am certain the temporary solutions that are being brought forward so this community can continue exist in this in-hospitable environment are not easy ones either. But considering that this community has chosen to endure these conditions, it is very difficult for me not to offer up my recommendation. MOVE! Move to a location that offers what any community requires; access to healthcare, education, running water, heat, adequate shelter. MOVE! Re-allocate the stop gap funding to help in mere survival, to re-location. Culture and tradition are not anchored on a particular acreage of frozen ground – it is based on community.  MOVE!, maintain your heritage in a location that lets you focus on your heritage, not focusing on trying to survive hypothermia in a non insulated shack.

The choices we all make as humans are our own to make, and we have a responsibility to live with all of the costs/benefits of these choices. I don’t feel our government budgets should be drained supporting those that have made decisions to set up home but are unwilling to live with the downsides of these decisions. So wherever you make your bed, and as you sleep in it.. Don’t demand that the government pay to make it full of serenity, warmth, luxurious and perfect.. That is your choice.

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