Saturday, November 27, 2010

First, lets review the ground rules 
  • Lets try to keep it clean, at present, I do not moderate (preview and approve posts), and I don't want to.
  • We are all here to vent, compare and add insight to your and others bitches - lets respect others
  • Topics can be anything that piss you off
  • ORIGINAL pictures/videos are great, and I will post anything you send - if you provide a good reason. Email them, along with a description to

So how do we post here?? At the bottom of this post, there is a link to click "view comments" - or the comments may already be visible (depending on your browser. If you have a new bitch to post, simply type away in the text box. If you want to comment on another's post, click reply directly below their post - and type away.

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  1. Very frustrated with UNB Professors threatening to strike. They are demanding a 20% + increase in salary to put them on par with professors in other provinces. Well,... they do not live in other provinces. A 20% increase would make their average salary $124K / yr. Nice work if you can get it. That would boost them to 7th place in the MacLean's ranking. Ahead of professors in; Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

    I like this open letter from a "scab" UNB law prof.