Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to wade into FRACKING (Kinda)

Birds don't like fracking??? WTF!!
 Too easy to pick a side and carry a sign on this one.. lotsa crap floating around like that.. so not going to go into a PRO or ANTI tirade on this topic..

Interesting aside on this, which I suppose only re-enforces the content below.. but not a lot of PRO ranting out there is there.. No CUPE Paid bus transport to Pro-Fracking Rallies, Not a lot of Pro-Fracking signs littering the lawns of the supporters.
Maybe a good time to take a peek at tge definition of Silent Majority
Ok, back to the point at hand... In trying to understand the sides of this debate... I more often end up trying to be recruited by the Anti side.. and seems the core of there beef is that "the government is not addressing our concerns.. they have not answered any of our experts questions, they are in cahoots with big business, there silence is obvious a result of them hiding something."

THIS.. is the base of this blog... why is the Government not addressing the questions and concerns of the Anti-Fracking mob...

My thoughts:
A governments role is not to "justify" every policy, decision, or action... the power to manage the province is provided by the voters.. and if they publicly negotiated every tough decision, that would make them completely ineffective. Typically the quiet majority do not picket in the streets in support of a government policy.. so if the government wavered to every protesting group (Be it abortion, EI benefits, Fiscal Restraint, Fracking, etc) - then the point of having a government would be moot.. and the province would end up being directed by the vocal minority on every policy..

If one happens to support of a movement, I am sure it is frustrating that the government does not defend their position on it.. BUT  if you shared support with the government on a policy and they flipped the policy because of a group of people carrying signs - you would be irate.. (the old can't have your fraking and eat it too story)
The government fighting back with their own propaganda would erode their strength, effectiveness, and confidence of the population The fact that they (as a representative of the public - and voted to be so) have decided to go forward with this.. it is all they need to say.. as representatives of us, they have done the investigation, studies, cost/benefit analysis and so on.. what else do they need to say.

I can only imagine a large, successful business, employing thousands.. deciding it course of business, based on a small group of their employees down in the shipping department.. I doubt that they would remain in business very long.

So.. I am pretty indifferent on the Pro/Anti thing... but I am enjoying watching yet another minority movement in a state of absolute awe, because the Government has not dropped everything to respond to their placards, yard signs, and dropped leaflets from airplanes (Ok, maybe they are not doing that yet)

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